Rouge Gnocchi and Elio Grasso Barbera d' Alba


Gnocchi with Mushrooms and Black Truffle

Paul Rogalski

The very personable owners of Rouge, Olivier Reynaud and Chef Paul Rogalski met in the mid-90s. They discovered mutual respect for each other's professional abilities and experience, and a common dream of using their vast restaurant experience to create their own fine dining establishment in Calgary.

The dream was for a restaurant that would showcase the best cuisine and service that Calgary had ever experienced by tapping into their cumulative 38 years of international experience and provide them with the opportunity to be really chatty with their patrons!

Olivier and Paul have independently cultivated their skills and culinary perspective in nine different countries. They knew if they could take the best in service and food preparation from their experiences, they could dazzle patrons, food critics and food writers, alike. They have.

In May of 2001 Olivier and Paul combined their tremendous experience to create The Cross House Restaurant, and in April 2003 introduced us to ROUGE - At The Cross House.

Since the formation of their partnership, they have enjoyed outstanding reviews. It's more than just the critics who are taking notice, though. Calgarians are making ROUGE a part of their Calgary culinary scene