About Us

The lives of our producers, their wines, and their stories deserved a medium that would allow the terrior, the vines and their cultures, not only speak, but more importantly to be heard.

Vendemmia International Wines is an importer and marketer of some of Italy's greatest winemakers and their wines. A shared commitment, with our wine maker partners and our clients, to the betterment of life, the strengthening of relationships, with family, friends and our community, allows us to enrich each others lives.

Today, Vendemmia represents 55 winemakers; our list continues to grow, as we find individuals that share the same tenets. Our commitment to the betterment of our community has allowed us to be a major donor to the Apherisis Clinic in Calgary, a clinic dedicated to the cure of Leukemias, Lymphomas, and Bone Marrow Cancers. Last year, the clinic treated over 1000 patients from all over Canada. In addition, we strongly support the Arts by way of partnering with Theatre Calgary and assisting them in achieving their goals.

Day after day, we are all rewarded by our relationships; our inherent respect for the power of wine and the tireless commitment of our winemakers is exemplified by all we do.


Carlo Bellusci